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Guntelach, Bruno: Prayer As A Lifestyle
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Erscheinungsdatum: 24.07.2009, Medium: Taschenbuch, Einband: Kartoniert / Broschiert, Titel: Prayer As A Lifestyle, Titelzusatz: update.j - Discipleship Course, Autor: Guntelach, Bruno, Redaktion: Takano Fachstelle EMK, UMC Youth Department, Verlag: Books on Demand, Sprache: Englisch, Rubrik: Religion // Theologie, Populäre Schriften, Seiten: 84, Informationen: Paperback, Gewicht: 267 gr, Verkäufer: averdo

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Churches of all types around the country are struggling. The more programs they try the more evident it becomes that there is no quick fix or secret formula to help them out of their rut. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Movement, once said, 'The way to keep a Methodist alive is to keep him moving.' It is time to recapture this simple yet profound truth and get back to the basics of making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The authors developed and launched a highly successful pathway to discipleship in their church (Morning Star UMC, in St.Louis). Here, they show others how to create a successful discipleship pathway for their own particular contexts, based on the principles developed at Morning Star. Willard and Schreiner share the process of developing a discipleship pathway that meets individual people where they are. They provide examples of each element and practical instruction on how to plan, implement and sustain the discipleship pathway. The authors are teaching this material in conferences around the UM connection, from New Mexico to Missouri. They also share examples of how the pathway works in other churches.

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